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About Dr. Suzee

Choosing the right pet food can be confusing

Too many bags to choose from at the pet store? Too much information out there and not sure what to believe or who to trust? Dont know which food to choose for your dog? Wouldn't it be great to talk to someone who understands how food works in animals to prevent disease, and can give you help on the foods you are considering for your pet? Someone that understands the benefits of wholesome, sustainable ingredients that can give your dog the best life ever? Someone who believes and practices Food is Medicine?? You have come to the right place!

Food is Medicine

Prevention in place of cures

Do you want your dog to have the best health possible? To run and enjoy life like you do? Prevention is key. Through understanding what different foods do to dog's bodies, we can better feed them for optimal health.

Remember: Food IS Medicine. It is one of the best ways you can prevent disease from occurring!

Why Sustainability?

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