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MSP Eubiotic

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MSP eubiotic® is a natural prebiotic derived from potatoes!! It is a tasteless, odorless white powder sourced from a single ingredient, is not chemically modified  AND.....is manufactured in Carberry, Manitoba Canada!. They also have their own on-site lab to ensure each batch is consistently of the highest quality. It's a complete prebiotic that gets your pup's gut microbiome in order and has the benefits of:

  1. Preventing diarrhea – keeps a healthy gut microbiome, that helps overall health
  2. Stopping diarrhea – balances out the unbalanced bacteria present in diarrhea
  3. Supporting immune function –  support colon cells in a cascade of events that improves the mucosal layer
  4. MSP eubiotic can also help with other health conditions such as kidney disease, and diabetes
  5. Reduces fecal odor – who doesn’t like that!!!
  6. It is tasteless and odorless, making it easy to mix in your dog's favorite food, making it easy to give to even the fussiest pup's.

*Free delivery in Burlington and Oakville, Ontario. Elsewhere in Canada, please contact me. Currently not shipping outside of Canada.